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Unlocking True Happiness: Embracing Joy and Raising Your Vibration

June 19, 20232 min read

Happiness is More Than a Feeling 

It is a way of being. A habit. 

We all have habitual ways of being. We developed them over time. It is the way that you feel most comfortable. Ask yourself, what is your default setpoint feeling?

Realize though, your setpoint feeling is a CHOICE. A choice that we made a long time ago and we continued to practice over and over until it became normal. It was a way of being that served you. It helped you get what you want. It helped you survive.  

On top of that, according to Brene Brown’s research, joy is the most terrifying emotion for us. She explains that fear stems from the fear of having our joy taken away. “Joy is the most vulnerable emotion we experience,” Brown says. “And if you cannot tolerate joy, what you do is you start dress rehearsing tragedy.” This means that you start thinking about all the ways something bad could happen to take away that joy. These thoughts, then bring your joy back down into a lower feeling.  

Now that you are aware of this, you can choose to allow yourself to feel happiness and joy. Reach for the next highest feeling.

Emotions are here to inform you that you are on or off track. It shows you if you’re aligned to your highest self. Emotions are meant to be felt. Allow them to inform you. Allow them to move through you. Don’t ignore them or stuff them down.  

To raise your vibration, start by making a list of everything you are grateful for. This will help you shift your perspective and start to set a new default higher vibe way of being. Get in the habit of enjoying and appreciating every moment of your life. Be grateful for each day you have. Embrace every moment because every moment is your life, and every day is an invaluable gift. Discipline your mind and body to be present with what it is. To embrace the life you are living, and stop waiting for the “real” life to begin.

Life is made up of all the small choices that we make, which create all of our circumstances. What are you creating right now?

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Sharon Seaberg

Sharon is a mentor for self-actualizing women. She leads smart successful women to a deeper understanding of themselves. To create a life plan that inspires them. Breakthrough on what is holding them back. And live a life that lights up their mind, body, and soul. She spent three decades in the corporate world in the fast-paced, high-stress, high-tech industry before walking away from exhaustion and becoming a life coach. She is a wife and mom of 2 amazing girls. Today, Sharon is the founder and CEO of A New Way of Being You. Her passion is to empower women to be authentic leaders; to stop wearing ‘busyness’ as a badge of honor; to learn how to have unshakable confidence and use conscious communication when faced with difficult people, and to feel more alive every day.

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