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Partner Market Senior Manager

Gets Her Confidence and Happiness Back

"The biggest result in working with Sharon has been happiness. I feel happy. I take time to think about how I'm actually feeling...taking this time for me, not only has helped me in my professional life and in my personal life... Do it, don't hesitate. Sign up now. Do it today. Working with Sharon has taught me what I value the most...and great ways to ensure work-life balance. " - Anna

VC Leader Facing an Uphill Battle Finds

Balance, Happiness, Confidence,

& Gets an Unexpected Raise

"I've been able to find the balance and understanding in myself that has allowed me to have more space to accept the things that I wanted into my life. My boss even commented that I seem more well-adjusted at work and more comfortable working with the team. I feel more settled and content. The feeling of peace and happiness is even more important than the unexpected raise. I think the work Sharon is doing is guaranteed and effective in the timeline she is giving. It is totally worth it. I have recommended it to lots of women. It exceeded my expectations." - Victoria

HR VP Leaves "Soul Sucking" Job to

"Having the Time of Her Life" Job

that is Aligned to her Strengths and Values

"With Sharon's help I have able to find a job where I am having the time of my life. I have never been so happy or more fulfilled or had a better match of a company that is in alignment with who I am as a person. The company is recognizing my strengths and putting those to work. Every day I wake up and I can't believe I have the projects to work on that are in my sweet spot...the work just flows easily...and I am having more impact." - Johanna

Physician Moves from

Chaos to Work Life Balance

"The program helped me figure out what was important to me and what to cut out of my life and how to go about doing that. It has given me better work-life balance. The program is worth every penny to get clarity and find joy in your life. Go for it. " - Dr. Libby

Tech Leader Dealing with Conflict Discovers

Opportunities, Boosts Her Confidence,

& Gets a Promotion

"Working with Sharon has broadened my tool set to reframe perceived negative situations into a positive, really kind of determining my own experience of reality, and taking control of my perspective of situations. This has helped in my personal and professional relationships. The result has been a massive boost in confidence....and a promotion. Sharon is someone you want to have in your corner." - Nicole

Global Tech Manager at Crossroads

after Layoff

Learns so Much About Herself Decides to

Go into the Culinary Arts

"Working with Sharon has been unusual. She is different...she teaches us about... the mind, the brain, the body, the soul, the emotions.... Working with Sharon I have, became a lot more aware. Like, even today, the, the information about hopelessness, fear, and courage and all the way up to synchronicity was really powerful. I have learned so much about me....I have the right coach. Give Sharon a chance. She is gentle and caring. If you try her, you are not going to go anywhere. Try her and trust the process." - Carolyn

Recent UnderGrad Finds Her

Passion, Confidence, & Gets a Promotion

"I feel myself more open to opportunities, and they're just starting to come my way. My relationships with other people, people that I've known for more than a decade, almost two decades at this point, have opened up more, and I've connected them better. And I feel I have such a better filter about who I am on a conscious level and a subconscious level." - Abigail

Sarah Howel,
"Sharon’s program was exactly what I was looking for. I have a huge desire to make a difference in the world. I want to live up to my full potential, not just in my work, but in all areas of my life, while making sure I am taking care of myself and my family. Sharon’s program guided me through the process I needed to figure it out. The format was great and the weekly check-ins were perfect for accountability and community. It made a lot of things better and even delivered more than I was expecting; my increased self awareness has helped me reconnect with friends and strengthen my relationship with my husband.”
Carrie Mckenzie-Scollon,
"I was absolutely blown away by the clarity I had after my call with Sharon. She is an amazing listener and was able to see so many of my areas and the story I was attaching to the experiences I had. Uncovering some of my hidden beliefs that I was unaware of was so incredible to see them for what they were and move forward with a new set of beliefs. I am extremely thankful that our paths have crossed and for the confidence Sharon has shown me that is within every one of us if we are willing to dig a bit deeper and see what is underneath that layer that may be keeping us stuck. Thank you, Sharon, for sharing your gift and guiding us to live our best lives without the baggage so many of us carry. Forever grateful.”
"When I think of Sharon I think of three words: Integrity, love and service. When I think of Sharon’s coaching I think of: transformation, empowerment and alchemy. Sharon has years of experience in the corporate world and years of experience with all things coaching. If it can be researched and learnt about Sharon will of ‘been there and done that’ because she is forever learner; eager to know more and help others. I know Sharon’s goal is to empower people to live a life that truly fulfils them. She has inspired me to do just that! Her coaching and knowledge has been instrumental in me seeing who I am, my gifts and what I came here to share; and how to share that actually. Since knowing her we have become dear dear friends and I believe in myself due to her love. Sharon's ‘action in this world’ is love. Her coaching empowers you to find peace and it helps you to believe in what is possible. Finding new ways of thinking, feeling and acting IS the way forward. We must contribute to this world what we most want to see in it. Sharon has helped me extensively with this and much more.”
Cindy Eastman,
“Sharon has been a tremendous support and guide for me over the past few years. I was really stuck in my career. I had been at the same company for 3 years and was ready to make a change but my confidence was shot. I had been struggling for a while to advocate for myself. As a woman in technology, it is hard to feel like you have a seat at the table. But Sharon patiently worked with me every week giving me actions to write out my goals, visualize change, be willing to accept change and convinced me that I was worthy of being happy and satisfied at work. And then I did it. I stood up for myself. I got out of a completely toxic work environment, I asked for a salary increase and a new role, and….I got it all. There is no way I could have done that work without Sharon as my guide and coach in my corner.”
Elise Parker

“Sharon supported me with personal empowerment. I am stepping into my power and authenticity and this course helped me with new perspectives and trust that I can follow my heart and intuition. This was the perfect time for me to go through a transformational course like this. It was more impactful than the therapy that I have been doing. It was deeply transformational. I am the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life and I feel that I AM living on a HIGHER vibration. Just 6 months ago I was questioning a Higher Power, I was frozen in fear and anxiety, and I was allowing myself to be controlled and manipulated by others. Not anymore! I am healthy, powerful, and ready for what’s ahead. I am so grateful and fearless.”

Christina L.

"Sharon is so positive, calm, and affirming. She creates a safe space for each person to be herself yet also encourages each one of us to stretch beyond our perceived limitations. Sharon is truly gifted as a group facilitator. I really liked the material and how she organized it. It was really cool and fit nicely into other things that I have been studying. I was honored to participate.”

Jennifer Sides


“Sharon’s wisdom and kindness set her apart in her industry! My own session with Sharon was several months ago and I still think about it. The results were lasting and profound. Thank you Sharon for your capacity to hold space and provide guidance in delicate matters of the heart. I am so grateful for you!”

Angela Jane


"I worked with Sharon to reach a solution as to why I was still seeing no forward motion in my life, despite ALL my effort. It was liberating. Sharon worked with me on my past, using a very structured and effective technique. Whilst using it I became very empowered. I found many ‘hidden things’ from my past: beliefs and limitations that were not serving me. That clarity brought such relief. Sharon helped me not only uncover those old beliefs, she also helped me release them. And since those moments I have been able to forgive, and I have had an awareness that has given me traction in my personal goals. Sharon listens with deep empathy. She is so skilled & talented in the field of coaching. I account this to not only her own inner resilience work, but also because this is her soul purpose: to empower and lift others, to shine a light, and to make other people’s journeys just a little lighter. Working with her was such a gift to me. I love this woman. She is a beautiful person, gifted coach & amazing human being. Truly. Thank you Sharon. You remind me what we are doing here and are supposed to do for one another with such love and grace. Thank you.”

Isabella Hernadi


“Sharon is passionate about leaving the world a better place through helping empower women. She is a change agent and a wonderful spiritual facilitator, who supports many women on their spiritual and person evolution. Women feel immediately comfortable and at ease with her warm and soft energy, which allows all participants to succeed in transforming and unleashing their energies to become who they are meant to be. Just by being present with her soft and spiritual energy we experienced beautiful shifts in the awareness of all participants. I will be forever grateful to her for helping feel joy and love again in my life. ”

Mona Sadhwani Hiranandani


“Sharon is a born healer. She will hold space for you to feel seen and loved. Her core business energy is unconditional love. You will find it easy to talk to her and leave feeling great.”

Samantha T.


“Sharon’s coaching is like water: powerful and peaceful. A force that calms and moves mountains. She has compassion and courage. She provides a nurturing space that feeds life.”

Eilish Neville


“Sharon has a gentle presence, a strong concern, and love for the world. She wants to bring love to the world to empower women. She has a strong passion and empathy for women. She is a fighter for humanity and spirituality. Let her inspire you.”

Martina Caviezel

New York

“Sharon is a stand for your transformation inside of love. She is determined, fierce, and committed to making an impact in women’s lives.”

Leah O.


“Working with Sharon helped me break through some stuck patterns that were holding me back in my life and career. In a loving and encouraging way, she helped me uncover ways I was getting in my own way. She created and held space for me to fully step into my desires and supported me in the practical and energetic ways to move toward them.”

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